About Leps24.fr

Welcome to Leps24.fr

The aim of this website is to give a pictorial view of the Lepidoptera that I have seen or trapped in the Dordogne and surrounding departments.  There are also photos and descriptions of the species I have seen on holidays to other areas of France
There is a description for each species including flight period(s) and food plant(s) and I'm also gradually adding images of male and female genitalia as well as the larval stage to the site.
The region has a very diverse range of habitats which include huge tracts of mature woodland, small areas of fenland and wetland as well as extensive hay meadows, areas of rough grassland, heathland and limestone pavement.  Due to the variety of habitats there is rich diversity of flora and Lepidoptera to be found.
A mercury vapour trap is run at home most nights as well as making forays into other areas.  All records are stored within Recorder 6 recording software from the JNCC and at a later date I hope to provide distribution maps for all species recorded using QGIS.  If anyone has any records for this area that they would like to submit, please contact me through the Contact Page.  The more records I receive, the more detailed the distribution maps will be.
As this is a new website, it is going to take quite a while for me to upload all the photographs and data I have obtained over the years and into the future. 
Please be patient and return as often as you can to see what’s new on the site.